Who we are - Stock Keeper de Colombia

We are a Colombian company based in Yumbo, Valle, founded on October 21 of 1996. At stock Keeper we provide solutions for an efficient management of the logistics processes of our clients through supplying goods, services and technologies that allow adequate information management and compliance with established regulations and standards through agreed quality, time, quantity and price specifications.


They allow our clients to obtain

  • Supply solutions
  • Reduction in logistic costs
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Enabling our clients to pursue their Reason for Being

in tickets for

parking spaces


World leaders in the manufacture of vehicle access control equipment for parking spaces.


We are a company with an efficient organizational structure and a staff aligned with its objectives. In this way, we rely on a professional multidisciplinary team with autonomy as its main feature and who fulfills functions without shifting from corporate guidelines. Flexibility, added value in service and the development of new products are our main differentiating factor in the market.



We are committed to preserve the environment through making use of 100% of the waste from our productive process. 

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