Technology and commercialized products - Stock Keeper de Colombia

Thermal transfer printers

We mainly supply Zebra printers and we are part of the Zebra Partner Connect program therefore we rely on and can offer competitive prices and full technical support to our clients.

Thermal transfer ribbons

Available in wax, wax-resin and resin coatings, used for printing on different substrates such as paper, polypropilene and polyester, allowing image duration as required.

Bar code readers

Used for reading one and two dimensional bar codes in order to facilitate online data capture for merchandise receipt process and retail sales.

Data collectors

We have the main market equipment brands available such as Symbol and Intermec, for WMS applications, process recording and traceability in production areas.

Automatic label applicators

They are part of our solution integration aimed at making the online identification of our products easy for our clients, with reduced packaging costs and shorter response times.

Bar code verifiers

We commercialize AXICOM verifiers for one and two dimensional bar codes for industrial and lab application.



These are productivity enhancement machines allowing the obtention of printed rolls and labels.



Manual label dispensers

This equipment is used to delaminate labels from the back paper leaving it ready for use therefore improving productivity.


Inkjet numerators

To allow direct marking: production lot, date of manufacture, expiration date, to ensure product traceability. We have and rely on an alliance with Maper S.A. (