Self-adhesive labels - Stock Keeper de Colombia

Stock Keeper provides complex design identifications in spaces of difficult adhesion and labels with special adhesives. The sizes are adjusted to all the thermal transfer printers currently available in the market. Stock Keeper produces and commercializes identifications that ensure optimal registration during the shell life of any product.
Identified products:
  • Corrugated products
  • Individual products
  • Documents
  • Fixed assets
  • Food
  • Industrial products
  • Cryogenization tubes
  • Ceramics
  • Plastics
  • Wet and cooled surfaces

Holographic labels

These labels are produced in customized designs for authenticity and security applications in different products such as pharmaceutical, clothing, collection items and others.

Radio frequency tags

Available in different sizes and frequencies. They are formed with a chip connected to an antenna, both contained in a label. A device reads, captures it and transmits the information.

Flexographic Tags

Tags for identification of any type of product, printed through several-ink flexography over different types of materials, with their respective print designs.

Bar code labels for variable printing by thermal transfer

Security labels

Silver VOID labels

Special for sealing containers. When removing the label from the application surface, it leaves a text lattice with the words “OPENED ABIERTO".


Scratch off


Used for scratch & Win prizes applying variable information.


Non-residual VOID

For special applications where there is evidence of the label being opened but without residues on the surface where it was applied.


Destructible polypropylene

Used to evidence the opening of a container/bottle or an attempt to remove the label from its original place.